Familial testing: Autosomal and X chromosomal markers

Date and venue: March 28 − April 1 2016, Rio de Janeiro
Main teachers: Thore Egeland NMBU , NIPH, Leonor Gusmão and Nádia Pinto IPATIMUP
Course organisers: Leonor Gusmão, lgusmao@ipatimup.pt
and Elizeu F. Carvalho
Updated: April 8 2016 (final version)

Purpose and audience: The course introduces statistical methods in forensic genetics with applications to relationship inference. The hands on exercises are based on freely available software. The course is aimed both for case workers in forensic labs and scientists.
Preparations for the course: Participants should bring a laptop with Familias 3, FamLinkX and R installed (see below).
Assistance for installation will be provided at the workshop, if needed. Note that installation is typically only possible if you are administrator on your laptop.
Details on the time schedule for the course including handouts are available . Here's the participant list as pdf and excel.

The below book is not required but contains useful material and is available from Elsevier; you should get a discount with the code ATR30.

Book available from Elsevier.