Program Workshop: Familial Testing and Identification

Date and venue: March 15-17 2017, Nicosia, Cyprus
Teachers: Thore Egeland, Yarimar Ruiz, Lourdes Prieto
Course organiser: Yarimar Ruiz
Version: March 13 2017, Thore Egeland

Preparations for the workshop and the exercises: Participants should bring a laptop with the freely available software Familias 3 installed. In addition, the free R software will be introduced and used for plotting and participants should download . Assistance for installation will be provided at the workshop, if needed. Note that installation is typically only possible if you are administrator on your laptop. The exercises are from the book Relationship Inference with Familias and R by Egeland, Kling, and Mostad, but the required material (exercises, solutions, input files) are freely available. Please download the following files to your computer or a memory stick as they will be needed for the exercises: selected exercises, solutions all exercises, input files Familias exercises Ch2 and Ch3.

Wednesday March 15
Thursday March 16 Friday March 17