Program: Statistical methods in genetics using R

Date and venue: Nov 16-19, 2016, Rio de Janeiro, UERJ
Teachers: Magnus Dehli Vigeland, OUH and Thore Egeland NMBU
Course organisers: Leonor Gusmão and Elizeu F. Carvalho, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
For further information please contact: Leonor Gusmão
Updated: Nov 18 2016, Thore Egeland

The course introduces statistical methods in genetics with applications to relatedness and forensic genetics. R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics, see An Introduction to R , (Spanish translation), for an introduction. We explain how R packages like paramlink and R Familias combine with Windows Familias (free Windows Familias download) to solve challenging problems. The hands-on exercises are based on the freely available R software which will be presented in class. The course is aimed both for scientists, PhD students and also case workers in labs. Short summaries of talks in Portuguese or Spanish can be provided by Leonor.

Requirements: Participants should bring a laptop with R installed (available from here). Assistance for installation will be provided at the workshop if needed. Note that installation is typically only possible if you have administrator privileges on your laptop.

Wednesday Nov 16 Thursday Nov 17 Friday Nov 18 Saturday Nov 19